UPSET participates in an Intro meeting and workshop for improving implementation quality of Erasmus+ projects „Dissemination and use of results of the project in Key Activity 2“

On October 7, 2015 the Agency for Mobility and European Union organized an introductory meeting for Erasmus+ programme – Key activity 2 that was attended by representatives of the UPSET association which is the coordinator and partner organization in project “Educathe+” (strategic partnerships in the field of adult education). On this occasion, the Agency had presented its program of work, and after the introductory part the beneficiaries were familiarised with the project cycle and the principal contractual obligations relating to the implementation Erasmus+ projects.

Also, special emphasis was placed on the financial aspects of the implementation projects, and it is precisely in this area that the benficiaries had the most questions for which they could get an answer on this occasion.

Educathe+ National Agency Intro workshop

After the introductory meeting, a workshop was held to improve the quality of implementation of the Erasmus+

projects called “Dissemination and exploitation of projects of Key Activity 2”. Beneficiaries were

informed about the importance of dissemination as a key element for assessing the quality of

implemented projects. The dissemination or dissemination of results and increasing

of project impact among a wider target group is one of the main objectives to which all organizations participating in Erasmus+ should strive.

Only quality dissemination can promote the overall project, its objectives and results, and the most important element of the project is thus achieved – its quality. In order to make the best possible dissemination, the beneficiaries were instructed about the development of dissemination strategy plan and preparation of a communication plan. In the end, beneficiaries were informed about the way the indicators of the success of their projects can be verified.


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