First Educathe+ Manual for educators published on EPALE resources platform

First Educathe+ C1 Invisible Ability Manual for educators has been published on EPALE to serve as a free tool for educators.
EPALE is a multilingual open membership community for teachers, trainers, researchers, academics, policy makers and anyone else with a professional role in adult learning across Europe.
Educathe+ C1 Invisible Ability Manual for educators is the first of eight Manuals that will be published during the Erasmus+ funded Strategic partnership “Educational theatre as the place for raising inclusion and employability of people with disability” (2015-2017)
This Manual describes the Drama-action model that is suitable for all those working in (non)formal education, research, art/culture and activism.
Drama-action model combines advantages of scientific research with those of performative arts in order to create educational, research or advocacy (civil activism) outcomes. It was developed by PhD sociologist Ivan Hromatko during a two year study for his dissertation “Theatre as a space for action research on stigmatisation” at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of University of Zagreb in Croatia.
During its development, it was shown that drama-action model is suitable for working with any age group; in international settings and with people with disability. Also, it is suitable for working with any sensitive social subject (e.g. social stigma) and marginalised groups of any kind.
The manual is free and intended for educators and others who are interested in using drama-action model and performative tools in their educational, artistic, research or civil activism work.
The Manual is free for use and available at EPALE platform ( or ar E+ Sharing Platform of Educathe+ partnership (
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
Educational theatre as the place for raising inclusion and employability of people with disability (2015-2017: contract no. 2015-1-HR01-KA204-013053)