C1 Workshop and Performance (Zagreb, Croatia): Invisible Ability (16-21 Nov 2015)

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The first workshop of the partnership is the drama-action workshop “Invisible Ability” held at Trešnjevka Cultural Centre Zagreb (Park Stara Trešnjevka 1, 10000 Zagreb). The main goals of the workshop are:

  • raising employability of people with disability by developing the “soft-skills” (EU Key Competences) of participants and empowering them for the labour market,
  • raising visibility of this social issue in the general public, raising awareness among audience and employers and inciting discussions and debate,
  • researching the subject of prejudice and stigma of PWD on the labour market

To achieve those goals, the workshop will start on 16th November 2015 and end with a public performance on 21st November 2015, in the famous “European Night of Theatre” which, in 2014, brought – in a single night – 42 000 spectators to 148 performances in 43 towns.

The workshop will be held by the coordinating partner of the partnership – UPSET. UPSET Theatre will use their drama-action research approach in order to incite participants to join our theatre workshop as a place of freedom from roles, of reflexive thinking and intensive interaction between those who are “abled” and those who are “disabled”.

The participants will go through an UPSET method framework which is, basically, built upon an combination of Victor Turner’s symbolic theatre (liminoid version of tribal rite of passage) and Kurt Lewin’s action research. This framework is then filled with exercises of drama practitioners and other performative arts expressions (e.g. contemporary dance) which try to help participants research the subject (prepare the participants for their performance).

Therefore, UPSET drama-action is basically a research process imbued with educational and activist qualities which emphasize the process and the importance of participants perspective and knowledge/experience that they bring into the process.

Greek_letter_sigmaWe will combine different drama practitioners exercises with those of movement (contemporary dance) and we will work together to develop a space of freedom from roles, intense interaction and discussion and, of education and reflexive thinking. The culmination of this process will be the final performance which will be held by the participants.

The workshop will be held by an sociologist Ivan Hromatko and Nataša Jurišić, dance pedagogist and choreograph. Finally, the workshop will be recorded and later published on the Platform – in order to disseminate the results and invite other individuals and organizations to join us in a future network and/or use our work.

The participants include both people with disabiltiy and educators who originate from eight partner organisations and seven countries of Europe!

The performance will be held on 21 November 2015.

More about the performance can be found here -> Invisible Ability, 21 November 2015 – in the European Night of Theatre (free entrance)


Below you can find all the necessary information for planing your travel, locating the venue of the workshop, participating in the workshop and enjoying the performance as an audience member.


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