Public Performance “Limitless Drama in Different Colours” (23 September 2016) Antalya, Turkey

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Akdeniz University

“Olbia” Open Air Amphitheatre

23.09.2016 at 20:00 h

(Free admission)


Akdeniz University Olbia Open Air Theatre Public performance “Limitless Drama in Different Colours” is the fourth presentation of the eponymous workshop involving people with disabilities and people who deal with the problems of disabled people from Greece, Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and Croatia, and which is thematically concerned with increasing the employability of persons with disabilities and their skills. The workshop takes place in the “Educathe +” partnership that is funded as part of the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership. The workshop will be held by educator, actor and director Yusuf Selim Öztürk and his assistant Okan Çorlu.

The main goals of the workshop are:

  • to raise the cultural awareness and expression, which involves appreciation of the importance of the creative expression of ideas, experiences and emotions in a range of media among people with disability.
  • to use theatre techniques to help PWD to be aware of their cultures, cultural diversity and express themselves. The participants will learn how to use theatre practices and exercises especially drama in working with the PWD and they will work together as action researchers searching for an action that can raise cultural awareness among PWD and express it through drama.

The participants will go through a mixture of methods which is, basically, built upon an combination of Brecht’s method,  Stanislavian Method, Commedia dell’Arte and Traditional Turkish Theatre Methods. They will do basic breath exercises, inner actor-actress action exercises and voice and mimic exercises.

The participants include both people with disability and educators who originate from seven partner organizations and six countries of Europe!

Everyone is welcome!


Rabia Vezne, Yusuf Selim Öztürk, Okan Çorlu, Nurgül Büyükkalay, Ayfer Sayit, Berkay Engin, Atahan Taşyürek


Amateurs and professionals from Latvia, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey and Croatia – participants in international theatrical and educational workshops on employability of people with disabilities.