Drama-action workshops of amateur theatre

UPSET’s drama-action workshops of amateur theatre are based on the method of dramatic-action research – except that, in such workshops the importance of scientific research goal is reduced in favor of cultural-artistic, educational and activist goals.

In other words, the workshops are designed in a way to create an alternative reality theater where participants symbolically separated from the constraints of everyday reality and critically the society around them, and, during the mixed interactions (stigmatized and “normal”), exploring the theme of stigma free of social roles . The workshops always end public performance that ensures visibility of the project and advocating for positive change, respectively, promote positive ideas to the public, but also strengthens the cohesion of the group and allows realization of long-term cooperation between stigmatized and “normal”.

We do not have their own space, we are trying, together with partners to organize drama workshops action amateur theater, which, depending on the opportunities, free and always end with a public performance. Public speaking is a goal towards which the participants jointly strive and that motivates them to conscious awareness and critical thinking quality of work (to them, and managers)

Workshops are generally held once a week, and the participants have the opportunity to study acting and drama methods, and also create a public appearance.

Our project include:

UPSET Theatre 2012 workshops for Normal Festival in Prague in 2012

Freaks 2014 amateur theatre research workshops

UPSET 2015 inclusive theatre workshops (announcement)

“Enough” DRIVE 2016 (announcement)