Public Performance “I am Free” (7 July 2017) Ventspils, Latvia

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 7 July 2017 at 18h (free admission)

Ventspils Beach


Public performance- flash-mob action – “I am free..” is the final presentation of the 2 years long workshops range involving people with disabilities and people who deal with the problems of disabled people from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and Croatia, and which is thematically concerned with increasing the employability of persons with disabilities and their skills. The flash-mob takes place in Ventspils, Latvia on 7th of July.

Ventspils-posterThe flesh-mob action is designed by Anna Shtein’s leadership and it is based on professional knowledge and experience about disability shared by participants during the Ventspils workshop. Public performance is aimed to present potential solutions for work with severe mental disability problems and it represents a direct interaction between people with disability (The Cimdiņš Centre volunteers) and rest part of society realised as children games matched with possibilities of adults and teenagers of this kind of disability.

This public performance is planning to become a method, to be a possibility to go beyond the stigmatization, both external and internal. The mane massage is sending to audience is removing of the borders in acceptance of PWD (The Cimdiņš Centre pupils) by other people, to show their potential and their wish for communication. This flash mob is oriented to rise personal abilities of disabled adults and teenagers such as self-confidence, readiness for communication and friendship relations with others; to support their opportunities by employability with understanding that they are important part of this life in all it aspects.

This last Educathe+ public performance is symbolic in one other aspect also- it is open-air performance where The Drama therapy is binging out of theatrical hall to everyday life by all workshops participants, dressed in T-shirts to underline their brotherhood by Educathe+. The workshop takes place in the “Educathe +” partnership that is funded as part of the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership.

Marina Dimitrova, Ana Shtein, Anastasija Bajeva-Minalko, Elena Kaskevica.
The Cimdiņš Centre inmates with disability.

Amateurs and professionals from Latvia, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey and Croatia –
participants in international theatrical and educational workshops on employability of people with

The performance will be about people with disabilities and those who work with them, combining non-formal education
and performance art (educators, theatre practitioner, dancers, etc.).