C5 Workshop and Performance (Athens, Greece): Mirroring (30.1.-3.2.2017)

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(30-1-2017 -3.2.2017): “Mirroring”

Final Public performance “Reflections’’


The fifth workshop of the partnership is the workshop “Mirroring” held at Chaidari ‘Municipality Cultural Centre (Kolokotroni 36 Chaidari, Athens Greece) and the Final performance “Reflections”. The workshop will be held by the O.C.E.A.N NGO partner of this partnership.

The main goals of the C5 workshop are:

  • Raising employability of people with disability by developing the “soft-skills” (EU Key Competences) of participants and empowering them for the labour market.
  • Raising visibility of this social issue in the general public, raising awareness among audience and employers and inciting discussions and debate
  •  researching the subject of prejudice and stigma of PWD on the labour market

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“Mirroring” workshop deals with human diversity and invite participants (both able and disable) to shape effective communication skills (active listening, empathy and deeper understanding) whilst communicating with the other within the inclusive communities paradigm. Disability is not perceived as a problem but as a fruitful challenge, a celebration: both individuals’ and communities’ efforts have to concentrate on removing barriers (organisational, structural, cultural, social etc) for effective inclusion to be materialised.

Instead of asking the disable to change (to adjust, to take therapy etc), in order to become a part of the society, the society has to become more open and flexible by responding equally to the human mosaic and as such to become more inclusive.

Theatre conclusive approach via “Reflections” will be a theatrical performance given by 20 volunteers of the partner organisation O.C.E.A.N , half of them with severe difficulties. The theatrical play will be the tangible outcome of the group work that would have last for a year. The Volunteers have worked towards building group identity and developing theatre -specific skills. The Greek group members will joined with the members of the partners organisations and will be responsible for writing the play, directing it, preparing the setting, the costumes and playing/performing it at an open theatre in front of an audience.

We will use their drama-action research approach in order to incite participants to join our theatre workshop as a place of freedom from roles, of reflexive thinking and intensive interaction between those who are “abled” and those who are “disabled”.


The participants will go through an OCEAN method framework which is, basically, built upon

The Theatre Conclusive Approach via Reflections :
Based on Three Pillars:

1. Before (Birth)
2. Now (Present)
3. After (Beyond)

By deciphering this specific triptych, we can transcribe the above as following:

1. Preparation for work (Place/Space)
2. Self-management inside/within the working environment

– Intercultural Attitude and Awareness

 – Time management

– Stress Management

– Cooperation and Collaboration

-Occupational Adaptation and Adjustment

3. Self-Evaluation : Methods of Organising Objectives

The Methodological tools that will be used during the Workshop are:

1. Assisted Improvisation: “Society”: Integration process within any group/team framework
2. “Contact”: Interaction, Interplay and Cooperation : “You and I”
3. BASIC WORKSHOP TOOL: “Reflections”: Mirroring:

– Higher Level of Time Management
– Respect for Diversity
– Developing and Sharpening Empathy

4. Assisted Improvisation: “Follow Me”

– Self-Evaluation and Appraisal
– Goal and Target Setting Skills and Abilities

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The workshop will be held by Dimitris Katsidoniotis Biologist, musician and actor, Vasileios Oikonomou actor and director and Panagiotis Zournatzidis actor and theatrologist.

Finally, the workshop will be recorded and later published on the Platform – in order to disseminate the results and invite other individuals and organisations to join us in a future network and/or use our work.

The participants include both people with disability and educators who originate from eight partner organisations and seven countries of Europe!