Erasmus+ training: Missing Pieces (2016)

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UPSET is a partner in an Erasmus+ KA1 Youth mobility training course “Missing pieces” that was be held in  Banska Bistrica, Slovakia ( between the 25th November and 3rd December, 2017
The project aimed to provide educational experience to all partner organisations and its participants so that they feel confident to take their future into their own hands and get engaged with the learning market. During the workshop, the participants will learn about the essential employability skills with a positive attitude through improvisation methods.
More precisely, the Missing Pieces training course addresses the question of youth employability. The labour market is dynamically changing and entering the labour market for new generations of youth requires different skills e.g. taking risks, being proactive or self-initiative. Missing pieces are the essential employability skills, which cannot be gained in formal educational setting of the countries of Višegrad 4 and Western Balkans. Missing Pieces introduces applied improvisation as non-formal educational method for fostering sense of initiative, creativity and creating one’s own circumstances on the labour market.


Twelve partners were involved in the training and they originate from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Albania. Each of the partners is expected to provide two participants, making a total of 24 participants who will be tought by a team of Trainers: Helena Hajkova (SK), Lucie Vokrouhlíková (CZ), Sanja Kamberovic (SRB) and Gergely Kiss (HU).
From UPSET, Ana Mikulić and Antonija Jolić joined the full training course, while Ivan Hromatko joined only the first two days of the training and made successful networking efforts that we hope will lead to new projects and partnerships.
Here are their impressions:


Ana Mikulić
Erasmus+ training course Missing Pieces is using improvisational techniques to teach how to improve presentational skills, job interviews, business and your own personal life. We, as participants, gained a lot of good and useful practice through interesting, and sometimes challenging tasks. I will, surely use them and propagate further on.


Antonija Jolić
This November I participated, with Ana Mikulic and Ivan Hromatko in the name of UPSET, in the education Missing pieces in Slovakia. I learned a lot of things, including how to prepare for a job interview, how to explore different ways of communication, how the body language is important because our body is a picture of how we represent ourselves. The whole concept of training course was great and I like how they managed to put different, but on so many levels, similar people at the same place, in order to learn how to stand up for your career.


Ivan Hromatko
Although I was not there long enough to experience the full impact of the training, even during the first two days of training it was clear that this was a group of knowledgeable trainers, smart and creative participants. All of them underwent the educational, creative and “enlightening” process of improvisation and learned about employability and the advantages of a positive worldview.
We are happy to be involved in these kinds of training as they help us develop our human resources and create the potential for new cross-Europe projects and partnerships.


To learn more about the training, please click here to open the: Missing pieces info pack letter



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authors: Antonija Jolić, Ivan Hromatko

Missing Pieces Erasmus+ Youth workers mobility