USK: Urban Survival Kits (2021-2023)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. 
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Programme Erasmus+ Key Action 2 (KA2) Strategic Partnership in adult education
National Agency UK01 British Council, in partnership with Ecorys UK – British Council 

Contract number 2020-1-UK01-KA227-ADU-094683
Title and official EU webstite Urban Survival Kits

Acronym USK
Implementation  *1 March 2021 – 28 February 2023 (24 months)

* Start postponed until 30 June 2021 due to COVID-19

Total Budget 250.145,00 EUR
Coordinator:  Arts & Disability Forum – University of Atypical (UoA) // Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom //


The Urban Survival Kits project is a trans-national learning initiative exploring how Adults With Disabilities (AWD), including atypical and neurodiverse, can be supported with their

local, national and international travel needs. USK builds on the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 and removes barriers in physical infrastructure; accessibility of information,

and creates effective communication tools.

Without immediate intervention; people with disabilities will continue to be the most deeply impacted and isolated people in our society. The long-term implications of the pandemic and

additional challenges they face in daily life mean that without the opportunities to reengage and connect they will remain largely excluded. The partnership is designed to maximise the

impact of “Urban Survival Kits” (USK): an innovative program with staff and the adults with disabilities they support (AWD).

USK is an individually centred program delivered through a variety of artistic mediums/techniques and integrated through digital media.

USK is introducing innovative ways of thinking and working and developing a range of skills based on the key competencies of lifelong learning.

Through intensive hands-on training, the 12 staff will directly experience each element and outcomes of the program. Their experience, reflective learning and expertise will directly

inform and refine the workshops delivered to AWD in each partner organisation.

A series of online workshops will be delivered to 24 AWD, supported by staff, creating a specifically tailored, inclusive and immersive learning experience. This integrated structure


provides a safe way of experimenting, externalising, reframing and ultimately sharing their real-life stories and experiences. Increasing the relevance, level of engagement and long-

term impact and opportunities it will create.


Activities include:

1 STT (5) days (15) Staff

1 blended mobility workshop (5) AWD (30) support staff (15)

1 Blended mobility workshops (5) AWD (30) support staff (15)

5 Multiplier Events partner-based.

1 International Multiplier event

1 Awards Multiplier Event (+online International virtual exhibition tour)

20 Partner online meetings

4 Transnational meetings

Partner organisations from Northern Ireland, Croatia, Turkey, and Poland provide a holistic integrated approach to the educational goals of USK – collectively creating an adaptable

blueprint for Survival Kits which can be adapted for any place, time or situation.

During 24 months, partners will translate, adapt and consult directly in contact with the artist. Establishing a collaborative process of ongoing evaluation, optimising the accessibility of

all teaching and learning methods, materials and instruction manuals for each partner organisation.

Participants will:

– experiment with new artistic and digital mediums for self-expression, exploration and navigation of the world around them

– build directly transferable life skills needed to orientate and negotiate the independent adventures ahead

– develop their creative, digital competencies and create any survival kit they will ever need

– practice hands-on training, digital recording content from their site Digital Trail working as part of a rotating film crew

– prepare an Exhibition, showcasing their Survival Kits, Digital Trails, Artworks and UV inventions. A unique opportunity to re-connect and interact as part of a larger group

– create a universal/traditional game for Livestream interaction, providing an opportunity to share interact and network international platform

An International Exhibition of selected works at the University of The Atypical Public Gallery will create a way of engaging peers, policymakers, government agencies and creating a

new international audience and online presence – transforming individual and collective narratives; establishing them as survivors, leaders and peer advocates of the future.

The Digital Trails Website and the app will also be launched, creating a sustainable network linking each of the Live Digital Trails which can be followed and contributed to. The growth

of live interactive Digital Trails will provide a sustainable mechanism to connect, communicate and re-engage through an accessible network; enriching social interaction, leading the AWD across Europe.


The USK Awards and selected works will tour via a 3-d printer and be reproduced and presented to the participants in each partner country.

By creating and sharing their own USK, the learners and teachers will:

– adapt the process for their re-engagement and active participation in wider society

– create new strategies to prepare them for reconnecting and engaging with daily life and journeys of any distance or kind

– create their own personal dialogue and means of communicating beyond the confines of traditional language

– Collectively creating a universal language, dialogue, teaching and learning tools providing a reusable framework for inclusivity in adult education and dire

MAP OF PARTNER ORGANISATIONS (click on image to open interactive map)


  • June 12, 2021 Open Days of Associations 2021: Presentation of our inclusive Erasmus + projects CRAFT: IN and Urban Survival Kits (read more about the activity here)
  • July 7, 2021. Transnational project meeting (TPM1) held online (host UoA) // due to COVID-19
  • January 24-26, 2022. Learning, teaching, and training activity (LTTC1) held online (host UoA)
  • February 26, Transnational project meeting (TPM2) held in Zagreb, Croatia (host UPSET)
  • June 27,  – July, 1 2022 Learning, teaching and training activity (LTTC2 Blended) (host UoA)